3 Types Of Affordable Living

3 affordable living options

With the ever growing problem of home foreclosures, bankruptcy, and homelessness, now has never been a better time to learn about affordable living options for you and your family.

The Golden Rule For Financial Peace

There are so many difficult situations when it comes to finance and living options, but if there is one Golden Rule is is living within or below your means. That basically means that you spend no more that the money you have each month or more ideally, less than you earn so you can start saving. It’s strange but true that most people who live within or below their means have less bad unexpected financial things happen in their life that people who spend all their money. It’s like saying that if you prepare for the storm you, the storm won’t come, but if you don’t prepare, you can be ensured the storm is on it’s way.

Mobile Homes

This type of construction is far less expensive that traditional housing which can take the stress off you. This term can range from actually a house on wheels to a moveable home that is positioned to site a trailer park.

Tiny Homes

Over the last 10 years there has been a full blown tiny home movement sweeping the word. Again, they much more affordable than traditional housing and far less to maintain. The obvious challenge living in a a tiny home would be the space.

Shipping Container Homes

These have gotten my attention more than the others. Think of them a a setup from a tiny home, meaning you have the cost advantage compared to traditional housing but they offer slightly more space. The are made from steel shipping containers, formerly used to ship merchandise over seas. They make good building blocks because they are basically big rectangles you can piece together or use in single fashion. They are also much stronger than a home built from wood, making them terminate resistant.

I hope these affordable living options spark some good ideas for you to start living a more debt free focused life. For more info on affordable living options you can visit https://affordablehousingonline.com/ for a directory of resources. Also, the video below gives more great ideas to help you save money and living.