Why Shipping Container Homes Are Growing In Popularity

Why Shipping Container Homes Are Growing In Popularity

The idea of living in a 20 to 40 foot shipping container might sound strange, but before you shun the concept lets take a look at why many people around the world are seeing this a as a great affordable option.

Structurale Integrity

Let me ask you an obvious question that a small child could answer correctly. What is stronger, wood or steel? The answer like I already said is obvious, steel of course is stronger than wood. So you might ask yourself, why have homes for many years been built with wood when it is a very weak and non durable material in comparison to steel. As any wood built home owner knows, wood can be subject to termite damage which can be very expensive to repair while I don’t know of any terminate species in the world that eat steel.

Building Time

Think about this, when you are working with a contractor to start building a new home it’s going to take a few months just to get the base foundation built. On the flip side, a shipping container already comes pre-built as it is basically a big hollow steel rectangle. The time it takes fro a contractor, or maybe even you to cut out your desired window locations and install insulation and electrical work is a tiny fraction compared to traditional home building.

The Cost

Ok, maybe I should have listed this one first. By far the biggest barrier for a potential home buyer is price. For example, where I grew up in southern California, a lowest price you can possibly find for a 2 bedroom home is five hundred thousand plus. I know if you move inland away from the ocean price decreases, but not by that much. You can buy a beautiful pre built shipping container home for under one hundred and fifty thousand which can be a huge relief for those who don’t earn a large income or for those you simply don’t want to be making payments for thirty years.

Additional Resources

I know that trying to figure your way around a new industry, which shipping container homes are, can be a daunting task. If you are currently in research mode to see what your options are for shipping container homes, take a look at curbed’s article on 5 container homes you can buy right now. If you are on a really tight budget and want to calculate the cheapest possible way you can build a container home for check out the video below.